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Tell Me More

Intelligent PC CD ROM Solution
• English • French • German • Italian • Spanish
CD Rom Compatible with windows 98/NT/2000/Me/XP
The complete method that adapts to your needs

  • 3 Levels in one CD set Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced
  • Headset included

$129.00 GST Inc Each

plus $6.00 postage & handling orders within Australia
plus $12.00 postage & handling orders outside Australia
Features Summary:

Tell Me More is the world leader in language learning software, famous for its use of speech recognition technology.
This is a complete method that adapts tp your needs. It analyses your results as you learn, and then suggests the activities best-suited to your needs, just as a teacher would do.

This latest version of TELL ME MORE is truly interactive software package. It evaluates your progress as you work, and uses the results to suggest the activities best suited to your needs.

Whatever your objectives or level, from Complete Beginner to Advanced, TELL ME MORE adapts to your needs and guides you through the learning process, just as a teacher would.

TELL ME MORE, the world’s leading software for language training, is valued by users and teachers alike for its speech recognition technology and personalised Learning Paths.

Tell me more benefits


  • Choose between three distinct Lesson modes to best adapt the lessons to your needs
  • The Free-to-Roam Mode allows you to select the activities of your choice
  • The Guided Mode proposes Learning Paths according to your learning objectives and availability
  • The Dynamic Mode evaluates your progress as you work and adjusts your activities based on the results of previous exercises

  • Discover the total immersion option
    The goal of this feature is to optimise your progress. Instructions and teaching aids are given in the lesson language.
  • Create your own audio CDs
    The software allows you to extract TELL ME MORE audio recordings (dialogues, dictations, etc.). You can then write them to audio CDs. In this way you can continue to practice your language skills while commuting or at home.


  • 250 hours of learning
    Improve your language skills through 1,200 exercises that make learning interactive and fun.
  • 37 types of activities broken down into 6 workshops
    The different activities of the Lesson, Cultural, Grammar, Vocabulary, Oral and Written Workshops allow you to practise and master the communication skills essential to language learning.
  • Free Tutoring Service and language resources available online. You can consult Tutors on the Club Auralog forum and ask questions free of charge. You can also complement your language learning using the online resources available on Club Auralog.
Tutorial Service


  • Speech recognition
    Speech recognition technology allows you to assess your pronunciation and to improve it thanks to the graphs and 3D animations. The S.E.T.S technology automatically detects your pronunciation errors and singles out specific areas for you to focus on.

  • Videos and interactive dialogues
    Videos in MPEG format as well as interactive dialogues facilitate your immersion in the language and its culture, making learning even more fun.

  • A modern and ergonomic interface
    The interface, animated help and language tools of TELL ME MORE are user-friendly and make it easy to navigate within the program.

Minimum configuration

PC or compatible:
  • Celeron 333 MHz or equivalent
  • Windows 95 +
  • 64 MB RAM +
  • 80 MB available on the hard disk
  • CD-ROM drive 8x
  • Microphone & speakers or headset
For detailed configurations please refer to the official brochure

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