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Foreign Language Software and CDs

Lote Bookshop is an international bookshop offering leading foreign language software suitable for adults and children, beginners and Intermediate language learners. If you want to learn a foreign language we can help you.

Available range of languages includes:

• Arabic • Albania • Cantonese • Chinese • Danish • Dutch • English
• Finnish • French • German • Greek • Hebrew • Hungarian • Italian
• Irish • Japanese • Latin • Maltese • Norwegian • Polish • Portuguese
• Romanian • Russian • Scot • Gaelic • Spanish • Swedish • Turkish

Tell Me More: CD-ROM
(Windows 95/98/NT4/Millenium/2000/XP)


Europe’s best selling language learning software. The complete method that adapts to your needs packed with features
  • 5 languages
  • 3 Levels
  • 250 hours of learning
  • 37 types of activities
  • 6 workshops
  • Speech recognition
  • 3D animations
  • Videos and interactive dialogues

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Talk to Me: CD-ROM New Version 7


The quickest way to speaking a foreign language, Talk to Me is ideal for preparing for an exam, a trip abroad or simply for fun.
  • Cultural Videos
  • Exercises and Games
  • 3D Phonetic Animations
  • Interactive Dialogues
  • Speech recognition

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Talk Now! CD-ROMs (Mac/Win)


Talk Now! CD-ROMs are a perfect starting point for teenage or adult beginners. Also great for travelers to learn useful phrases in a short time.

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'World Talk': CD-ROMs


This is the follow-on sequel to the bestselling Talk Now! series. making it ideal for beginners ready to step-up to an intermediate level.

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Vocabulary Builder CD-ROMs for Children (Mac/Win)


This worldwide bestselling software title for young children is an ideal language learning tool.. It combines pictures and sound to create an interactive flash card system which parents and children can use to help in basic language acquisition.

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