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Instant Immersion™ Audio

The most effective program available for learning to SPEAK a foreign language quickly. Developed by linguistic experts and university professors, each Audio Compact Disc suit utilizes the same learning methods and retention techniques used in university-level language programs

RRP $49.95 each

Instant Immersion™ Version 2.0

Instant Immersion™ Version 2.0 moves you from a beginner to an intermediate speaker with a 5 CD-ROM course of study. Including Talk Now!, Talk More and World Talk from Eurotalk, you will focus on basic vocabulary, phrases and accurate pronunciation through the use of video technology features. Supplement your study with the Interactive Picture Dictionary, featuring 2,000 word entries. Finally, test your linguistic skills with Who is Oscar Lake, a challenging Interactive mystery game.

RRP $79.95 each

Instant Immersion™ Language Lab

Everything you need to start speaking and understanding a foreign language can all be found here. Instant Immersion™ Language Lab utilizes three intermodel language components: audio recordings, printed study guides and computer software. Focusing on vocabulary, verb conjugation, sentence structure, pronunciation and more, this multi-format language system produces maximum results.

RRP $124.95 each

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