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Foreign Language For Kids

Why choose Lote for children´s language learning material?

  • Lote work closely with the best foreign language educators in the industry. Our expertise allows us to provide only the best teaching aids for kids who want to learn a foreign language.

  • Lote carry a wide selection of foreign language material including DVD Videos, Audio CDs, and Books. Children´s books in over 50 languages including French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and many other languages.

  • Lote have extensive experience with language training for kids. You will find a wide range of foreign language materials and resources. Best of all, we can offer your helpful advice for free.
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Titles available:

Sing & Learn French
Sing & Learn Spanish
Sing & Learn Italian
Sing & Learn German
Sing & Learn Japanese
Also available in Chinese and Arabic!
Sing & Learn is a unique Book & CD collection that introduces children to language and cultures through songs, making learning fun!

With Sing & Learn children will learn the alphabet, Colours, numbers and vocabulary related to animals, greetings, time, weather as well as basic phrases. The book's colourful pictures will help children understand the songs, motivating them to learn more.

Music styles are varied and include Pop, Dance, Rap, Reggae, Salsa and Ballads.

Texts of the 10 original songs are provided in the booklet. Instrumental versions of the songs are included on the CD to sing to the music.

At home or in the car, Sing & Learn entertains and enables children to sing and learn at their own pace whilst having fun.

Extras: The booklet has colourful illustrations of new words for the children to learn- be it the various colours, types of clothing, the days of the week etc.
Lyric Book Included!
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Teach Me

Learning Language through songs and stories

Teach Me Everyday...

Hard Cover Book - Audio CD

"NEW for 2009" Teach Me Eceryday. Enjoy a musical journey through the day with marie and her family-sing dongs, learn common expressions, colours, numbers, the alphabet and more!

    rrp $39.95 inc

Teach me christmas Songs...

Hard Cover Book-Audio CD

The Teach Me... christmas title is a bilingual celebration of christmas traditions through the magic of songs. this beautifully illustrated book will teach the reader about the rich heritage, culture and beliefs during this delightful season. Narrated and sung in both your chosen language and English. Available for: French, italian, Spanish & German.

    rrp $39.95 inc


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