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LANGUAGE SOFTWARE CD ROM > Vocabulary For Children
Vocabulary Builder CD-ROMs for Children

Available in:
• Arabic • Albania • Cantonese • Chinese • Danish
• Dutch • English • Finnish • French • German
• Greek • Hebrew • Hungarian • Italian • Irish
• Japanese • Latin • Maltese • Norwegian • Polish
• Portuguese • Romanian • Russian • Scot • Gaelic
• Spanish • Swedish • Turkish

This worldwide bestselling software title for young children is an ideal language learning tool.. It combines pictures and sound to create an interactive flash card system which parents and children can use to help in basic language acquisition.

Children can use this software to learn words, play games and record and hear their own words and sentences. Help is always at hand from a terrifically talented , animated tiger. Capitalising on their innate affinity for language, children will derive a positive first experience with language learning that will inspire them to pursue the development of this important skill as they get older.

Available for Windows and Mac

Single Programme Disc

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